Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Then There Was One! AGAIN!

Hi blog readers, who ever is left out there reading the daily blog.

Today there is just me. People had other things to do, work, kids, try and unglue from action man. I'm on my own. Now do I, a. push myself or b. just take it easy as there is no one to impress, catch up with or to be bullied by.

I chose option a. That's right, I am thinking to myself, I have one month left to try and jog the whole 5k in June, one month in which I need to improve my fitness level. So I pull oh my new jog pants, and my socks with bells on (don't ask) and go get ready for todays run.

So this morning I mapped out a new route. I was thinking of doing the route that Smarty pants did, 2.7 miles, but I decided against that, there's pushing yourself and there's being down right cruel. So instead I mapped out the route that Smarty Pants did a week ago. Just over 2 miles, 2.05 so it says on the MMR website. (I know guys, I texted you and said it was 2.4, I just got over excited that I actually ran 2 miles in under 30 minutes)

I was just so tempted to cut down Parkfield again, just jog 1.75 miles. As I was approaching the turnoff I just looked ahead, 'The next road is not far ahead Old Girl, just keep going' I was saying in my head. And as I passed that turnoff heading for the next one I could feel all you guys out there urging me on (even though you hadn't a clue where I was)

The MagpieHall lane turnoff came up pretty darn quick. In fact I was so focused I nearly missed it and would have kept going to the next one! I turned down there so glad that now I am facing in the right direction for home, so glad that I am heading in the direction of my comfy sofa, maybe a bit of muesli when I get home.

On through the park, feeling sure that I at least would probably be well with 40 mins, maybe even 35 mins jogging time.

Keep going, pass the play park, jog up to the gate, that's it, then sip some more water. It was hard going, the stitch threatening to slow me down each time, by nagging sisters advice about touching toes till its gone seems to work.

I nearly home now, nearly time to check the time, nearly time to collapse in a sweaty heap on my doorstep.

I couldn't believe my stopwatch it was reading 27:21:23 I just, came inside my house, collapsed on the sofa and almost cried! I am well pleased with that time. Well pleased indeed.

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