Monday, 19 May 2008

Monday Moaning!

Hi blog readers, Its Monday again, and I have no little fella to pick up from nursery but I still had to do the jog with nagging sister and new recruit this morning. I had some fantastic ideas of what I really wanted to do, and that was to stay in bed under the duvet and have a glorious lay in.

But before I tell you about today let me tell you all about our cycle ride on Wednesday 14th May. Nagging sister had managed to blag a bike for new recruit to come riding with us, no doubt she went into nag overdrive and convinced some poor mother to let her borrow her sons bike, 'Its for charity!' I can imagine her saying to the poor mother.'We need to get new recruit into shape for the run in two weeks or so' So the poor mother gave new recruit the bike to loan, new recruit has said that she hasn't been on a bike for years, and was just scowling and nagging sister hoping against hope that the poor mother wouldn't buckle under the relentless nagging, like so many of us have up to now.

We all arranged to meet at the pre arranged meeting point, but I was running a little late, what with taking kids to school and nursery, and then getting back to pick up my bike to ride to the meeting point, but when I got there much to my amusement was nagging sister and new recruit fiddling with the loaned bikes wheel.
'*******' Was all I heard from nagging sisters mouth, 'Why did I offer to pump up the tyre' She says, 'It only needed a little bit more air but I have let all the air out now, stupid bloomin bike pump' New recruit was just looking at her with an amused look on her face. 'Give it here' I said to nagging sister, but even I couldn't work out the stupid bike pump. So there we were, three girls, three bikes, two pumps, and no idea how to get air into the one flat tyre.

'There is only one thing for it' says nagging sister 'I am going to have to ride home, put my bike in the car and get the old fashioned pump out of the garage to see if that will do it' both me and new recruit didn't disagree with that, we just sat down as we waved her goodbye. But as with our luck that day, the rain came, OK it was only a couple of drops and not really enough to stop us going for our bike ride, but still there it was, the damp air, curling up my straight hair. While nagging sister was away we desperately tried to pump up the tyre, just to teach her a lesson about not being so helpful in future, but we couldn't. Then we saw a fellow cyclist and asked her if she had a pump and much to our delight she did! And it was the old fashioned type, you know the one with the little tubey bit at the end, and it did fit! Just as we were about to fix it, nagging sister rolled up in her car, with two pumps. Darn it, I so wanted it to be ready by the time she came back. But just as we were about to say bye to the fellow cyclist, nagging sister suggested she waits, just in case her pump didn't fit. Darn why didn't I think like that, too busy trying to get one up on sister probably, but you guessed it, nagging sisters didn't fit, and so the other lady stayed with us while we pumped up new recruits loaned bikes tyre. Our goodbyes said, and nagging sister just parking up her car and about to get her bike out of it, when new recruit noticed that the newly pumped up tyre, was now flat as a pancake again. 'See, see, it wasn't me that flattened it by being helpful, it has a puncture!!' By this time new recruit has vowed never to go riding again, and now time had run out for me to do the bike ride and get back in time to pick the little fella up from nursery. There was only one thing left to do, I go home, new recruit and nagging sister bung the flat tyred bike in the back on the car and go and take it to a MAN who can fix it.

But today's jog with nagging sister went rather well, we did her two mile stint around her block, the one that she takes new recruit on, of course nagging sister is telling me, again, how far new recruit gets to, so I had to pull out all the stops and try and beat new recruit and keep it beaten for ages, just to shut up nagging sister. We completed the two miles in about thirty minutes, which was very good for me, considering this morning, the only thoughts occupying my mind was staying in bed, under the duvet and drifting off to far and pleasant lands and activities. Sigh!

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