Monday, 12 May 2008

What a glorious Day????

Hi blog readers. Yes I am back on nagging sisters computer to let you all know about our progress.

Its a beautiful sunny day, it just makes you want to be out in the sunshine............but not jogging. Have you ever tried jogging in the heat, it's a killer. I thought jogging in the snow was awful, but I got over it, then I jogged in the rain, something I said I never would do because I don't want my hair to curl, but nagging sisters nagging was on top form and I was out in the rain. Roll on the sunshine I said to myself. Boy how naive am I. The heat just begs you to sit out in it and not knock your socks off running!

So there we are, nagging sister, new recruit and me, bottles of water in hand looking at the expanse of park that nagging sister has taken us to. 'This is where we are going to jog today, twice round the park' Both me and new recruit were almost delirious with the thought of going round once let alone twice. We were informed by a chap before that the path around the park is about 1.2 miles, over two miles nagging sister wants us to jog, in the heat!

We start off a nice leisurely pace, water bottles full, ice cooling our drinks for us, but still, that path, it looks so far. Gently jogging now and the banter is gently directed at nagging sister, oh it feels so good to have an understanding jogger with me, nagging sister just a head of us nagging! 'Come on ladies, pick up the pace, get that heart beat going' Both new recruit and me thought that we were doing well considering the heat, but nagging sister wasn't satisfied.

By the time we get half way round the first lap, my water was virtually gone, and the thought of doing another lap was so far from my mind. And what was making it worse was all the "profesional" joggers over taking us and looking as if they were out for a Sunday afternoon stroll. My face was set to explode it was so hot, the sweat pouring into my eyes making it difficult to see the next tree or changing room to jog to. I look across to naggng sister, not a drop of sweat from her, make up, lippy, masacara all perfectly painted on to her non red sweaty face. I felt so much better when I looked at new recruit. There was not a sound coming from her, just sweat running down her red face. Both of us looking at each other thinking 'Why on earth are we doing this' Then new recruit said 'I bet you mum is up there looking down on us right now saying, "why don't you just go and sponsor someone else instead"' Well that made us laugh and even gave us more energy to carry on jogging as we thought about our mum.

First lap finished, and the second lap looking like a japanse indurance game show round, nagging sister let us have two minuets rest. Two minutes! I want at least Two hours! This really does seem an impossible feat. But the Race for life is coming up, we still got to reach our target of three miles, and so I push my self out to start the second lap. At least the people we pass this time round will be the same and they will know that we are 'professional' joggers as we lap them on our second lap. I must admit, (but not to nagging sister) I felt good at doing the second lap, as last time round this park, new recruit and me sat in the car waiting for nagging sister to come back from her rain soaked second lap)

It felt so good to see the gate at the end of the second lap, carrying my empty water bottle, and now desperatly wanting the 'ladies rest room' 'Come on will sprint to the car from here' Says non sweaty beatifully made up, skinny non red faced nagging sister. What me and new recruit said was unprintable but I shall let your imaginations go to work.

But on the other hand my blog readers, the scales have finally started to tell me that I am doing something right, twelve stone and 4 pounds this morning! thats a loss of nine and three quater pounds loss, Yippee!

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