Wednesday, 23 April 2008


What a story I have to write now! First of all I must apologise for my lack of blogs recently. My computer is still dead, it needs a new mothership or some other alien part to make it work, if ever, again. The whole computer world is alien to me, and the fact that my blog is still out here in what ever this world is, is a complete mystery to me! If only I had I sent my work to myself on e-mail I wouldn't have spent these past couple of weeks crying over my tax returns, as I was writing out the whole year again with the old fashioned pen and paper!

On the jogging front, it really has been a struggle for the past two weeks as the kids were off school! I think we managed to get out maybe twice to do our jog. But before that we were doing really well, I even got my time down to 15:00.04 minutes, my personal best, and I am ashamed to say still unbeaten record.

Nagging sister is still, well nagging, but as you know I now have an Alie (is that how you spell it, pronounced Aa-lye? She did let us off going all the way to the church while new recruit caught up to the standard that I was at, which is breathless, red faced and aching after ten minutes jogging!

The weight issue has been a problem for me. It has not dropped off as fast as I hoped, in fact it has not dropped off at all! The old boy has lost a stone in weight just by cutting out milk in his coffee at work, and obviously eating a healthy balanced meal prepared by myself, but still a whole stone, and here I am slogging my guts out, looking like an over ripe tomato, thundering down the footpath in either the new jogging Athletic suit of the ripped joggers and shrunken hoodie. Its not a pretty sight. An still nagging sister rolls up looking flaming gorgeous full make up and toned legs! But I will not be put off, I will not go back to eating takeaway curries................... Oh yes, I remember now, after those two weeks of kids school holidays I kinda celebrated with a lovely indian takeaway! Oh how easy it is to slip back to those good old days.

So I started again in earnest yesterday, that's Tuesday 23rd April, with a jog with nagging sister and new recruit............Sorry, I didn't do any exercise on the Monday, I still had my tax returns to cry into, (darn that code purple thingy on my computer) But we did a nice gently jog all the way to turn around lamppost, and I do mean ALL the way to turnaround lamppost. We didn't walk at all, both me and new recruit was absolutely thrilled with ourselves, admittedly we did grumble and moan at nagging sister all the way, but we did it. Then nagging sister told us that we were going beyond there an on to the church! Then we did moan and mumble and grumble with more vigour. 'Less moaning and more running' says glamorous looking nagging sister to the now sweaty, puffing red faced victims of nagging sister.

But on to the church we went, and to be truthful, it wasn't that much further! and we did the whole jog, that's from my house to the church and back again in about nineteen minutes.

And today, well today it is raining, me and nagging sister normally go for a lovely bike ride, oh how I have missed my bike, but as I explained to nagging sister, rain, sweaty hot read faces and glasses don't go. My glasses steam up. So I thought I would be a great idea to come to her house, and write my blog and just try and keep my enthusiasm going. Half way through my blog nagging sister decides 'its not raining that hard now, we are going for the two mile jog!' 'Eh? is all i could think of to say. I mean i look a complete mess after I have been jogging when the weather is good, now she wants to take me out while its raining. I shall look a disaster area. Not only will I look hot (and I don't mean that in the lovely sexy way), red faced and sweaty, I shall look hot, red faced, sweaty and like a drowned curly haired rat!

After setting the time on her mobile, nagging sister kicks me out of her house and we start up the road. Its a nice gentle jog, but I can just start to feel the curls appearing on my head, and all the thoughts in my is about how much like the Bo Selecta character of scary spice I am going to look like. All the while nagging sister is saying to me new recruits first attempt was to this sign, and I so wished she hadn't told me, because now i have to do better. The she tells me that her second attempt was to the hump back bridge, and of course I had to go further than that. And I did, we got to the end of the hump back bridge road and then we walked a little bit, and then carried on jogging. Nagging sister in the mean time is saying to me 'Come on you ran further yesterday' I know I did, but what nagging sister is forgetting is that some of 'her' route is a 1/10 gradient hill! Ok so slight exaggeration there, but it sure feels like it when you are jogging up it. Still, I jogged quite away round her route, and just to let new recruit know, nagging sister let me walk past the bus stop, you know Vic 2, the one where she makes you run pass all those people waiting for the bus. Wasn't she kind to me. And I know exactly what you wanted to say to those bus passengers, and what you wanted to say to nagging sister!!!

'We shall get to the old cop shop' informs nagging sister 'and then we shall run all the rest of the way home' I don't think so, is what I was thinking. I was soaked to the skin, my hair looks like stuff you feed to you donkeys and my legs were killing me. I didn't do too badly considering though, and some of the route home is down hill, well it would be as I jogged up hill in the first place! And we managed to do the whole jog in about 31 minutes. So I think a pat on the back for this old girl, and an even harder pat on the back for nagging sister! Apparently she jogged the whole two miles in twenty two minutes without stopping, Oh how I hate........the rain!

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Can't believe she let you walk pass the bus stop!! Soooo unfair!!!