Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wet Wednesday

Ok, so at least I am managing to get to write my blog at least every week now, but I must admit, I havae been a bit lazy because of it. I know, I know, even the thought of nagging sister did not get me off my (diminishing) backside on Monday, and I am despratly trying to think why I didn't go jogging on the Monday, both nagging sister and new recruit are trying to help me remember, I blame old age now. This Tuesday I did go jogging, but not with nagging sister or new recruit, Have I impressed you all,...... well don't be, they both went earlier because I was waiting in for a very special parcel for the old man,......his fishing rod! But nagging sister thought of a way of getting me to go out jogging, and that was for her to come to me wait in for the parcel and litteraly kick me out of my house! I did not even have my joggers on, but nagging sister went into freefall nag mode until I reluctantly went up the stairs to get changed. In the mean time nagging sister was down in the kitchen putting her pie and mash on her plate and using my brand new table to sit at. 'Go on then' she says with her mouth full of pie, 'Get out and jog and don't be long'

Like the dutiful sister that I am I went out, full of........well I'm not sure, but i wasn't expecting to beat my personal best that day. I went off at a resonable pace and was quite pleased that I was out really, but i'm wouldn't say that to nagging sister, I managed to jog all the way to the ally bit passing the work men on the way, 'only me' today I said to the workmen, feeling very smug that they are thinking I am the fitter one of the three of us, I carried on to turn around lampost.

I must write this down before I forget (again) new recruit and I did as we were told last Thursday and did our jog to the new turnaround place, (the church) we managed to jog the whole way to the original turnaround lamppost in 7 minuts and something and the the new bit which is well, shall I say about 200 metres, and i'm not very good at judging lengths, but it would have taken nagging sister 3 minutes to do her self, but it took 7 minutes to get there and back! Ok confession over, I can't remember anything else, and I want to see my solicter before I do.

Today it is Wednesday, and it is wet, very wet. Nagging sister and I (I'm sure I did agree, but I can't remember) that if it is raining on the Wednesday when we want to go cycling then we will go jogging instead, its safer that way, and besides we can drag new recruit with us too. We decided to go the park and jog around the track, twice, according to nagging sister anyway, new recruit and I had other thoughts. The rain had stopped for a while when we arrived at the park so I was quite pleased about that, I just hate it when my hair curls up, and so I was once again pleased that I am out and ready to jog.

We started off at a nice pace and it was quite comfortable, but then I felt the rain start again, the way round looked a very long way indeed. 'New recruit got as far as that first brick building' says nagging sister. Blimey, it didn't take long before she started to wind us up, but me and new recruit know her game now and just smile at each other, and think about our Thursday leisurley stroll to the new turnaround point. It really does bring a smile to our faces.

But to get to the end of this blog, I need to get out of nagging sisters house now, we completed the first lap of the park, 'Come on girls' says nagging sister 'lets go for the second lap' Both me and new recruit said something uniintellgibly, grabbed nagging sisters car keys and sat in her car, encouraging nagging sister to go around again. I took note of the time that me and new recruit did the first lap in and it was 15:11.48, as we waved of nagging sister. Just as nagging sister reached the first brick building th rain came down heavier, and both me and new recruit just burst out laughing thinking of the makeup running down nagging sister face. Joy of joys, nagging sister was going to be looking a mess, and I was there to witness it.

I suppose we should pat her on the back for actually going out to finishining it. She got back to us, wet, red faced but the make up was not running down her face like it did yesterday, when she went out jogging yesterday with new recruit. No panda eyes, no looking like Alice Cooper, but she did look like a drown rat, just like me and new recruit. My hair was now curling up, and the face was still wet, puffy and red as was new recruits. But I think all three of us were pleased that we did it, even in the rain. Oh erm.... nagging sisters time was 28:48.

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