Monday, 31 March 2008

Crash, Boom, Bang, Weekend!

As you are probably aware, no blogs on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Crash, my computer went down on Saturday after noon. Ok, so I didn’t have any good news to write anyway, but still, I was looking forward to my blogging! I did absolutely nothing on Friday. The weather was dreadful, even the old boy said ‘You probably won’t want to go jogging today’ Boy was he so right, But I didn’t do any dancing in the kitchen that day either, but I decided not to beat myself up about things like that, I have a nagging sister to do that for me.

On Saturday I went for my run after a nagging from the old boy (I wonder if he has been taking lessons off nagging sister?). The old boy had to do the timing for me, I had forgotten to charge up my mobile! I was just hoping that he does it like I do, start the clock as soon as I start running from the lamppost outside my house and then stop it the second my foot passes it on the return!

Now remembering that my time on Thursday as 15:09 I had a feeling that that will remain my personal best (after all it is the day after the Friday night drinkies) I still pushed my self had. I didn’t want to get a sixteen something.

Checking that the old boy had the stopwatch ready (I would have taken it myself but the old boy was on call, so I couldn’t take his phone) I jogged off. It was a hard slog, I’m sure I can still feel the beer sloshing around mixing up with the chicken bits, (yuck, what a revolting thought, I must try and choose a healthier late night beer munchies) I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere near my time I did on Thursday, but I still nagged myself, and had nagging sisters voice nagging, and the thought of the old boy on the stopwatch, watching it creeping up, counting the seconds.

Needless to say, I didn’t do too well, in fact the old boy said as he opened the door ‘you lazy old mare, what took you so long’ Well it wasn’t that long, it was infact 15:55, nearly 16 mins, I am so glad I pushed myself a little extra at the end!

Sunday was too bad a day, the sun was shining, it was warm out, and I felt good,……not! What with the hours missing sleep due to the clocks going forward the thought of my computer going into melt down, giving me a “Cod Purple Configuration Error” what on earth does all that mean!! I still did better than yesterday though, which I was fairly pleased with, 15:44 seconds to be precise. I think Thursdays time must have been a fluke, or I might have had the wind blowing me along on the way there and on the way back!

Monday now, and of course nagging sister and new recruit. But, today new recruit has cried off, she has a stomach ache! I think she had too much of a grilling from nagging sister, or she may have had to much grilling! Grilled sausage, grilled bacon, grilled tomatoes, hmmmm I’m getting hungry writing this stuff!

So where was I, oh yes, nagging sister is explaining to me that new recruit is not coming so today she suggests that we go as far as turn around lamppost and back home again. She wants to see herself how fast her own time is doing this jog! I can just imagine it being in the single numbers, ‘Very encouraging’ I think to myself, ‘I just want to know for myself’ says nagging sister, I think its to ‘encourage me to go faster, and maybe knock her block off……..I mean try and emulate her!

We start off the same time, same pace and chatting away to each other, exactly like it says in all the leaflets and books and what not about how you must jog but be able to carry on a conversation. If by conversation they mean grunts, moans and gurgles then that is what I have been doing! Nagging sister ask how far I normally jog to and I say to her in a very breathless way ‘to five posts and slightly beyond’ but I know I did quite get the ‘slightly beyond bit out’. That is exactly what I did today, to five posts and beyond slightly behind nagging sister, but only by a second, until I had to start walking. ‘come on’ she calls out too me, and she sounds as if she has jus got out of bed! ‘keep jogging’ she says naggingly. ‘go on, you go on with out me’ and that is what she did. She left me, I saw her sprinting up the rest of the path, reach the ally bit and not even look as if she is slowing down. I on the other hand walked to the next lamppost and carried on jogging until the ally bit. I took a deep breath and I could see that nagging sister was at the end of the ally bit, now I’m now good with distance but its maybe two or three hundred meters, I’m sure those who know me will tell me that I cam completely wrong, but nagging sister was one end and I was the other. She got to turn around lamppost and was heading back home while I was still stuck in the middle of the ally, grinding my teeth that I will have to pass her! I get to turn around lamppost and start heading home again, hoping that nagging sister is still in the ally, but she is no where to be seen, ‘she is more probably at five posts now’ I said to my self, it is not a good encouragement to see your ‘personal trainer’ head off in the distance while your flailing about trying to jump the soggy, spreading dog poo!

As I immerged out of the ally, I saw sister just turn the corner at five posts. There is no way in heaven or hell that I was catching up to her. ‘just enjoy another walk’ I convince myself. ‘I can always blame nagging sister for making me feel inadequate when I get home’

I didn’t think about the time, I tried to do my best and get to torture point as quick as my little fat legs could get me there. I crossed over the road, took a deep breath and ran as fast as I could, as I passed the houses I could see nagging sister, “lounging” on my wall outside my house. She couldn’t have made it more obvious that she was the ‘winner’ it she tried. I urged myself to go faster, but my legs were not listening, and I got to my gate a sweaty, breathless, heap of a human being that you can imagine.

Eventually we compare times, mine was 7:42 at turn around lamppost and 15:34 to the end. Not bad, not good, but not bad, still better than yesterdays. And of course loads of room for improvement.

Oh I suppose I better mention nagging sisters time, 6:51 at turn around lamppost and 12:56 on the home stretch! Grrrrrr, gnarl, grinding teeth.!!

So in honour of nagging sisters effort just a little anecdote for you reading pleasure.

As I explained up above, my computer has virtually died on me, so I tell nagging sister that I may come around to here house on Thursday to write up the blogs. But she said to me, and I quote ‘why don’t you write them out and email me today’s one, and I can add it on for you!’ hmm, she may be taller, younger, fitter and have no grey hair under her blonde hair, but neither is there any ‘grey matter’ I obviously got her share!

Bang! There goes nagging sisters street cred!

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