Sunday, 23 March 2008

Did someone mention spring?

Snow, no jogging today!

I'm sure I heard on the radio that only three days ago was the first day of spring! And look at it! Snow, lovely, fluffy, cold, wet snow. Because you know what this means? It means I haven’t developed an obsession about this keep fit after all. I have indeed just a normal healthy interest in being healthier. Because there is no way that I’m going out there today. If there are people out there, in this, then they are just crazy! And its probably just as well really I don't go out, after all Him upstairs decided to have a rest day at least for one day a week, and I have realised its been a while since I have had a break from the keep fit malarkey. I’m including the Thursday shopping day in that too. All that bending and stretching to try new jog pants and sweat shirts on, is a workout in itself.

So I am having a day off! I have no housework to get on with, the old boy is a work and young son is under my feet and in my fridge, freezer in fact, anywhere where is food! (lucky little skinny, fat burning young person, mumble, grumble)

I had weighed myself this morning and to my horror I had put on a pound. I could quite easily give up dieting and exercise like all the other times I have tried before. The Weightwatchers, the counting calories, letting the old boy do all the cooking. It worked for a while, but it never continued. After beating myself up, (I had remembered the extra couple of pints of lager I had on Saturday, and the snickers choccie bar) I told myself, ‘These things will happen’ And I’m sure they will again.

So on Tuesday I am going to weigh myself, and measure all relevant parts of my body and jot them down here. And just keep an eye on those things through this struggle too. I feel as if I am slightly smaller because my jeans are so much roomier than they have been, an extra notch on my belt is being used and I’m sure someone did say to me a few days ago ‘Are you losing weight?’ Which of course bought about a broad smile on my red sweaty face.

Nagging sister has just popped in with my middle daughter. They are off to the pub! Lucky, skinny fit active persons! But before she went nagging sister read this blog before I published it. ‘Why are you going bore us with those recipes’ She said. ‘Because I have nothing else to write about’ I explain to nagging sister. ‘Well why are you not out running, its stopped snowing’ She says. And this coming from her who is about to go off with my middle daughter and nagging sisters daughter for a nice lunch and drinkies! Mutter crumble. Oh how I hate………….Oh I don’t know but there must be something that I hate right now.

So this is it, I am not going to bore you with recipes, this all am going to write. I shall indeed write nothing, well nothing apart from what I have already written. After all this is the holidays, and its Sunday, it is a resting day.

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