Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Monday

It is still snowing outside, and I have decided to have another day off, as it’s the holidays. The snow is not settling but it is coming down quite heavy. Even a good nagging from the old boy could not get me out of my bed. You know the sort of nagging just like the Bart and Lisa Simpson episode to get Homer to take them to the park or whatever it was.

I am writing this little bit today and I can’t believe what I am thinking. In my head is nagging sisters voice. Not only does she nag me when we go out running or cycling together, or when I am jogging by myself. And even yesterday, she nagged me about not doing any exercise and about my writing for that day! But now, when I am not doing anything and it’s a good decision not to do anything, she is in my head again, naggining me about not writting anything boring! Maybe she should write about nothing and make it sound interesting!

So today’s page is just this. I am having a full two days off keeping fit, and I have not giving up at the first hurdle as the old boy said this morning. In fact he did say ‘I knew it wouldn’t last long’ But let me assure you all who are reading this, and to remind myself too, I have not given up. I shall be back to it tomorrow come snow or shine, or even the dreaded rain!

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