Saturday, 22 March 2008

Its Raining!

Oh thank goodness, I heap more thanks to Him above. Nagging sister and I both decided that we do not do any sort of workout in the rain. I hate the rain it makes my hair curl. Thank goodness for GHD’s!

I was thinking to myself this would be a good time to write about my diet, or complete life style change really, but that is not going to happen. Let me tell you why. Its been two weeks and four days since I started this immense struggle of mine to get fitter. Only now does the old boy really start to ‘gently’ persuade me to keep going ‘Now that you started, you don’t want to take any breaks’

I was in no fit state to go out ‘there’ its cold, its windy, its raining! And I was out last night! All very good reasons to not do anything today. Maybe if the old boy and young son do stuff in the garden, then I can throw a few shapes in the kitchen to some good shape throwing music. (Well my guys don’t need GHD’s so they don’t care about getting wet while DIYing)

But that is not the case today. ‘Its stopped raining’ says the old boy looking out of the window ‘You know you will feel pleased with yourself if you go out today’ I grumble to my self, its like having nagging sister living with me, oo shudder the thought. But I did get out of my bed, it does indeed look like the sun is going to come out, so maybe the old boy is right.

Off down the stairs put some tunes on to warm myself up much to my joy the rain comes back. ‘I’m not going in the rain’ I shout out to the old boy ‘I mean it really is coming down, and it looks like snow too’ I protest at him. Surely he would agree with me, and have sympathy for me, after all it is the holidays. No such luck, ‘Its passing, just go out its only 15 minuets and you never know you might even run faster’

All warmed up I check the window to see if it has stopped, darn it, it has! I feel as if I am being tested, maybe the old boy is encouraging me to go out in the rain to see how committed I am at this keep fit lark ‘what if its raining on the day of the ‘Race for Life’ he says to me ‘Well of course I will still do it then, wouldn’t I’ I say defeatingly.

I wait for a lull in the rain, its not too bad now, I can put my hood up, gloves on and just attack this days jog with all that I have, which is not a lot after last nights 4 pints of lager and a packet of quavers in the pub and some chicken bits that we had when we got home.

I tell the old boy to start his stopwatch, because I didn’t want to take mine if it starts to rain again, and I open the door. Its raining again! Its cold, and its not even half past nine on a Saturday morning, during the holidays. What am I doing. I must be completely mad, or maybe now I have developed an obsession! Is that healthy? I’, don’t know. I shout to the old boy, ‘right I’m off then’ and with that I bound out of the door before the sweet voice of sanity changed my mind.

I really am not enjoying this at all, its wet and all I want to do is go back home, I look up to Him upstairs with pleading eyes, ‘Please?’ I just say. Before I get half way to the five posts, (and five posts is half way to turn around lamppost) it has stopped raining. ‘Thank you’ I say, looking heavenwards. I also meet, on the way running in the opposite direction, a fellow jogger. He must do this sort of thing all the time, he has a sports water bottle and bright yellow rain jacket and everything ‘Morning’ he says to me. It looks as if he has been out for ages, he is so wet. ‘Morning’ I call back to him. Now I am feeling proud of myself, I am one of the professional joggers, going out even in the rain. You wait until I tell nagging sister. Oh, nagging sister, I need her here today really, I think I over did the pace again, because I am flagging, and wanting to do some more walking. So I imagine her there with me, her hair going all limp in the rain, and her makeup running down her face, why on earth does she puts makeup on to go jogging I don’t know. If I did that it would just all melt of my face and I will look like Alice cooper who has just done a 4 hour gig in the desert!

I hear the voice in my head, pushing me on to turn around lamppost, ‘Lets run though to the end of the ally bit now, old girl’ I hear the voice telling me, ‘That’s it, now you can see turn around lamppost, run straight on to there. ‘Stuff that’ I said out loud, and I look around to see if any was in ear shot. Well of course they’re not, its been raining, its cold, its nine twenty something in the morning and IT’S THE HOLIDAYS.

Lets just say, that I had to really push myself back on the return journey. I had no idea what the time was, if I had beaten my split time to turnaround lamppost, I was just hoping and praying that I was quicker. I must be, I have been running my socks off because its cold and I want to get home. Again from the corner of the road I decide to sprint the last bit to my house, it feels quicker, I feel good about the time, it must be quicker. I bang on the door for the old boy to stop the stopwatch and crawl round the side to get in the warm. ‘How did I do’ I say to the old boy, please please please. ‘16:03 you’re a bit slower!

How comes, I was so certain, maybe I just can’t physically go any faster than this. Maybe I am not supposed to go any faster than this. Or, I think cunningly, maybe my wet clothes slowed me down! Oh yes, you wait until next time, then you’ll see……

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