Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Non productive day?

Well I say its a non productive day, But that is only because I haven't done any exercise. I mean, I have not even walked the kids to school. Tut Tut, But I have an excuse. Oh No, I hear you all saying, 'You have given up already' But its true. I had to have an official visit from official people, just so that they can tell me that its ok for me to carry on working! Honestly!

I did think about just breaking out the 'Led' and get the heart rate pounding, and the face all glowing red and sweaty, but, unfortunately that is as far as I got. But tomorrow is another day, and I will be back to my hectic training schedule. Its only eleven weeks and four days to RFLD (Race for Live Day). Oh my word! I am wondering if maybe I should do something! But its quite late in the evening now, and its dark outside, and there are people in the house who do not want to be disturbed (and believe me they would be disturbed it the saw me bouncing and rocking about to the 'Led Zeplin') Excuses, excuses, reasons and reasonable reasons. Tomorrow, I will exercise tomorrow, now I need to rest my fingers, I feel as if I have overworked them.

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