Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The sun is Shining, its a Good Day

Ok, now that we have all had a laugh at the old girl in her tracksuit, perhaps you may want to continue reading!

As I promised myself, I weighed and measured and noted down everything! I was quite disappointed with the results of these things, but nagging sister has nagged again and told me to write them down here, for all to see, especially me, so that I know that what I am doing is in fact ‘doing me some good’ So for those who don’t want to be bored, and I feel and hope that is the case, then skip this paragraph and go to the next. I shall write all numbers in letters, that way when you look at them they just look like writing. Top of each arm is fourteen inches, chest and other bits are thirty five and forty inches respectively and the waist is thirty three, hips forty two and legs at the top part is a very depressing twenty seven. But the thing which I am disappointed in is my weight with has gone up again to twelve stone and eleven and quarter pounds!

OK so that’s that done and now for the bestest bit ever! My time today is 15:30:82 and nagging sisters time is 15:55:53. Oh, have I written it down correctly, Is it in the wrong order? NO I beat nagging sister on that stretch of path!

We started off at the same time, a nice gentle pace that I can’t seem to start off with unless nagging sister is with me, and we round the corner, still jogging, no stopping until we reach the beginning of the path. A nice gentle jog, I really feel as if I can jog the whole way today, well two days rest I should have two days energy, right?! We see the usual people, the friendly dog walkers, the golfers and I feel very comfortable indeed. ‘If you need to stop any time just say’ I shout to the back of me, where nagging sister is. ‘You go on old girl’ she calls back to me ‘You are keeping an eye on your time’ she says helpfully. So off I go, quick glance at the stopwatch (still need to get a proper one) and here comes my first lamppost where I want to walk from. I feel quite pleased with myself, ‘its not an embarrassing length of jogging’ I think to myself ‘Go on, don’t stop keep on running’ nagging sister calls out to me, by now she is at least 50 meters behind me. And I did indeed jog on. I push myself through the ally bit, and try to jog to the turn around lamppost. I didn’t check my split time, I don’t want to accidentally push any buttons today, not with nagging sister behind me, and head off on the homeward journey.

It felt good to pass sister, who was not even at turnaround lamppost when I reached the ally bit. ‘Got to keep on going’ I think to my self, ‘got to beat my time’ Nagging sister notices that I am walking to the next lamppost from way back, and shouts out to me like an old fishwife, ‘Keep those arms up, walk faster!

It is so very hard to concentrate on pacing myself so that I can beat my time, plus keep a listen out of nagging sister and still hurdle over the dogs doing! But I feel I am doing really well. This could be the under 15 minuets time it certainly feels good. But I’m wondering if that is just because nagging sister is behind.

On to the stretch of the road where nagging sisters has her last piece of torture for us, the sprint to my house. I try not to squeeze my hand on my phone, I don’t want any accidental pushing of buttons, I really want to see how far sister is behind me. Running to the gate, all the while listening out for nagging sister. Made it, I stop my time and its 15:30:82 That’s quicker than ever, I feel real pleased with myself, and then I hear nagging sister, ‘come on that’s it, as fast as you can!’ I stop the time again and her time is 15:55:53 a whole twenty seconds behind, and then I stop the clock again as nagging sister newest recruit comes in at 16:09:03! Oh did I forget to mention that nagging sister has been recruiting more ‘willing’ victims for the ‘Race for life’. I am so sorry. New recruit came in quicker than I did on my first time out on that stretch of path, and I patted her on her back and sympathised with her after the nagging she had from nagging sister.

But, I was still quicker that nagging sister! ‘I feel good, der, ner ner ner ner ner ner, Like I knew that I would now, der ner ner ner ner ner ner.!’

p.s. the pictures up the top are of nagging sister and new recruit, and me in my trendy new tracksuit, I thought you may all have a laugh and get it over and done with!

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