Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A Huge Sigh Day!

It wasn’t a good start to the day when nagging sister called me from her sick bed. ‘I won’t be able to go on our bike ride today’ She said through her blocked nose, making her sound like she is underwater. ‘If it was just a blocked nose I would still come’ she said bravely, ‘But all my limbs ache and I just don’t have the energy’

I was thinking to myself that maybe nagging sister had pushed new recruit too hard and new recruit had slipped her a ‘Mickey Finn’ or something, but I’m sure new recruit said she went straight home and didn’t move until this morning, something about her legs not working properly.

Its down to me again, and hopefully nagging sisters subliminal gentle persuasions to ‘Move my backside’ would kick in. So I dutifully waved the young girl off to her school, I really should have taken the bikes, but I had told myself I would push my self extra hard instead. And I came home and started my warm ups. I was booging on down to some great tunes, and I was thinking to myself maybe I will stay here and just do this, but, No, knowing that nagging sister had told me that I need to beat my time of yesterday, in preparation for going further a field next week, I set up my mobile to the stopwatch function and went outside.

It is a lovely morning, not cold at all, I feel positive, again, that I can do better this time. But with no nagging sister here, and no new recruit to impress, it was having an effect on me. Thinking about poor nagging sister feeling horrible and me out here in the glorious sunshine, maybe I should have nagged her to get up and get out. Sweat that darn cold out of her instead. That is supposed to be good for you, right?

I start my jog at a fairly reasonable pace, maybe a bit faster than nagging sister goes when she is with me, but I feel I can keep this pace up until the end. I jogged my little black and white strippey socks of, I reached five posts without stopping and even shot passed to the next lampposts nagging myself to go further, Oh, poor nagging sister, and poor new recruit with her sore legs, but push on I must. I can’t let sentiment get to me, I think to myself. I am doing well, and I reach the first lamppost where I need to start walking, ‘Well that’s not too bad , old girl’ I congratulate myself, and then I stupidly check my stopwatch, ‘What, how can that be, I jogged nearly all the way how can the time show that!’ The time was 6 minuets and something, I was too annoyed with myeself to look at the other numbers. and I still had to get to turn around lamppost. I start to think if actually I had been walking and not noticed, but my body was saying to me that no way did I do any walking until now. I feel a bit disappointed with myself but I pick up my pace from the next lamppost. I think I walked just a couple more times after that before I started on the jog back. My split time at turn around lamppost was a very disappointing 7:44:82 so I really tell myself off and punish myself by jogging all the way through the ally and on passed two more lampposts before I took my next walk.

If you have gathered my now my time wasn’t as good as yesterdays, it in fact the time was 15:49:95! and I really thought I had pushed myself hard today, maybe it was the thought of nagging sister lying in her house, in the warm, no exercising, probably eating grapes and left over Easter eggs, and more than likely watching day time rubbish on the telly, laughing at me through her ‘Man Cold’ bunged up nose. Yeah, that’s it, I shall blame nagging sister, its her fault that my time wasn’t good today. Next time though, you watch.!.

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