Thursday, 20 March 2008


I have decided to invest in another pair of jogging bottoms and a matching sweat top, well a girl has to look her best at all times, even though I look a complete wreck after any sort of exercise! But at least everything will be matching. I decided not to ride to the school today, much to the young girls relief, but in the back of my mind is the idea that I will cycle too the shopping precinct, but it’s still just an idea, suggest, by the way, by the encouraging old boy. Now did he use the subliminal ipod again or did he actually talk to me? I wave good bye to young girl at the school gate and head off… the shopping precinct! I had talked myself out of the 3 mile ride, or rather the pains in my bottom and legs had reminded me that it will be a very painful journey, anyway it was raining,,,, ever so slightly but there are drops of rain.

With the idea that I would quickly buy the nice new trendy jog suit and then back home for either a jog or even whack up the sounds on the ipod, I haven’t done that for ages and I like dancing, I walk from nagging sisters house to the shopping precinct. See I’m giving myself extra walking just because I took the car!

‘They are real cheap in Lilywhites,’ my middle daughter had told me, so that is the first place I went to. Even though I want to look good, I’m not making a fashion statement and I don’t want to splash out loads of cash either. There wasn’t anything in there that attracted my attention, ‘I shall try Primarks’ I thought to my self, daughter had told me they are doing jog suits for two quid or something like that, unlike the previous shop, sixteen pounds just for the bottoms! I shouldn’t be such a skin flint really!

I found some jog pants and a similar top, (not quite matching, so don’t know where daughter got hers from) but I thought it’ll do for me, and then on to the changing room to just check, because it’s bound to fit, its my size. ‘Oh no it isn’t!’ says this pantomime voice in my head, when I tried on the articles. It was my size on the label, on the hanger and on the sewn in label of the clothes them selves, but I looked ridiculous. Why don’t they make workout clothes for the larger woman with enough room in the legs so as not to show of the celulite. I could see every contour of my body from the waist down, and that was not a good look for me! And as for the top, it too was tight. Tight around my waist, chest and arms. ‘Maybe I have developed muscles’ I thought to myself. If only!.

This is the time I would normally head for the nearest Burger King or Maccie D’s for their huge burgers chips and an orange juice, (the o.j. is my attempt of dieting) But I resisted, I thought about the reason why I was doing this, not just for me to get fitter, but for my mum, and raising money for Cancer Research UK. ‘I’ll just go back to Lilywhites and pay out the thirty quid on a new jog suit.

As I was heading off in that direction I thought I would just pop into one more cheapo store. And hey bingo, here they were selling jog pants and sweat shirts for eight quid a pop! Well there I was, rifling though all, what I think, are very trendy suits indeed. But do you think I could find the matching top and bottoms in my size. I was there for ages, I find the right size bottoms but no matching top. I find the right size top but no bottoms. In black, in brown, in blue. I was even contemplating getting the bright pink suit! But then I found it, Its grey, it has pink in it, so its still nice and girly, and its my size. I run to the changing rooms with my find to try on the items, hoping that they will fit. Yes, yes, yes, they fit, I didn’t bother checking to see if the backside looks big in it, (because I know it does) and straight out to purchase my prize. Still plenty of time to get home, work out to some tunes, do the housework and write blog.

Well I’m home now, obviously as I’m writing blog. I got my lovely new jog suit out of the bag, I look at it admirably, Oh yes, I shall look the business in this tomorrow! But, (its back again that but) on the ‘butt’ of my jog pants, that I hadn’t realised before (because I never looked at my butt when I tried it on in the shop), in baby pink, is the word, ‘Athletic!

I laughed to my self at the picture in my mind of that word stretched across my bottom. ‘Athletic!’ The only thing athletic about my butt is that you could probably use it for the vaulting events in the Olympics.

Still, it can’t take long to reduce the stretching, right?


Anonymous said...

Hi Moosh, I'm following your blog with interest. What is the charity fun run you're aiming for in London? They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but I reckon you are heaven-bound. Well done - keep it up! Barnee x

ade said...

Have you bought new jogging bottoms because your bum looked too big in the old ones?????????

Love you


Moosh said...

Ade, What can I say to that! Lol, I'm sure my bum looks so much bigger now with the word 'Athletic' emblazoned upon it.

Love you too Ade, x

Moosh said...

Hey Barnee, thanks for your interest its good to know that there are people reading my ramblings. I am runing for the 'Race for Life' in aid of Cancer Research UK. Its in memory of my mum who passed away in November, 18th, 2007 and my dad who passed away in August 12th, 1993. Thanks for your support, I shall indeed keep it up! Moosh