Friday, 14 March 2008

Friday is always the hardest.

What happened to Thursday,? I suppose I better tell you. Well Thursday is an awkward day, and this is not more excuses. This is a real reason. The little fella I look after doesn’t go to nursery at all, so its just me and him all day long until the school run. Why don’t I take him out with me? Well, because, its probably cold. Or he may even show me up by running the whole mile long without stopping!. And I know that would kill me. But I didn’t just sit back on my diminishing fat backside, No I stuck the ipod on loud and danced about like a raver on liquid ecstasy! The little fella looks at me a bit strange but then starts to nod his head in time to the music. Anyway this is just the warm ups that he joins me in. Then I chase the little fella upstairs for his nap. Back down the stairs, and the itunes are on and still playing. Oh yes. This is it, head banging, hips swaying, and knees bending, which is quite difficult to do to Clanad. Who put that on there? A quick change to some upbeat head banging music and I’m away. Forty minutes, well that’s how long the ‘winks’ take right? Forty minutes dancing, Oh my word. Do I look like this when I’m out night clubbing with the girls. The sweat again pouring from me, But its doing good. I don’t look like this when I’m out clubbing, do I.? This vision of me pops in my head now. Me, all dolled up, makeup, twinkly sparkly top, and the red, crimson wet face!!! Oh my word. Hopefully everyone is as drunk as me I wouldn’t have noticed that. Note to self, try not to dance so vigourously while out night clubbing with girls.

So that brings us to today. And I am feeling good! Yeah baby. Good! I must have shaved at least a minute of my time! 15:47:56 Seconds. Well I say a minute because the last time was 16 something and now its 15 something, I can’t do the maths but I’m sure you all can. But doesn’t it look good when you say it was 16 something and now its 15 something. Oh yeah, pat on the back for the old girl.

Why Friday is always the hardest? Its because I am thinking about my evening out tonight. When I can relax with the old boy in a nice little public house, and enjoy a glass or two of the amber nectar. The thoughts that are in my head today are, ‘Well its Friday, even if you go out jogging then you are going to ruin it tonight with the beer’ Oh how I wish I could listen to that little voice saying ‘don’t bother going today’ but no! The other voice in my head is getting louder. 'Go for the jog, get that time down.' Ok time to phone sister, she is always a good motivator. ‘I’m not coming today’ says sister,’ I’m going shopping’ Shopping! I have only eleven weeks and two days left and she wants to go and buy food for her kids!! I so need a good nagging right now. And that is preciously what sister did. ‘You go, and just think that I am next to you nagging you to go on’

Out on the street, after my vigorous warm up, never neglect that! And start the stopwatch. Running, to the end of the road, and turn the corner. Oh my word, I haven’t stopped yet. I’m out of breath, but I can carry on. Get to the first lamppost on that stretch of path. I did it! Just walk now then start running again. And that’s what I did. I walked to the next lamppost and ran past one until the next lamppost! Oh yes, this chick is now flying. All the way walking one lamppost and running two. And hurdling! ‘Hurdling’ I hear you say ‘What are you on girl?’ Hurdling. There must be some huge dog out there and the owner takes it for a walk and lets it dump its load bang smack in the middle of the path. I mean it’s worse than the fly tippers. Maybe the owner had gone to pick up the dumper truck to collect the offending hurdle. But my word. It was huge!
Any way I digress. Jogging now to the end of that stretch of path, and just for an incentive for myself, I look at my stopwatch when I get to the turn around lamppost.

7 minutes and something, (I couldn’t quite read it with the sweat pouring into my eyes). Well that’s bloody marvellous I thought to myself, ‘If I can do the same on the way back it should be lightening speed compared to when I first did it. I was well pleased with my self, but then I thought about the jogging back. Then the voices began again. ‘Come on old girl just walk to the first lamppost and then jog’ Did the voices stop there, No. Sisters voice popped into my head, ‘Don’t walk that bit, run, keep that heart rate up’ She just has to argued with me, even in my own mind! And that is how it was all the way home, having this imaginary argument with myself and my sister, in my head!! I think I need help

I can’t actually remember any information about hearing voices when one starts to keep fit. I can’t remember anything in leaflets, weight watchers meetings, or even doctors surgerys that suggest you become a schizophrenic when you start to keep fit. Maybe I will need some sort of counselling after my effort in June

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